How MailMonster can help

To help you understand the MailMonster concept here is an example of how it has been used to benefit one of our existing customers.

MailMonster For An online retail company

Company Name:Hannants
Services Provided:Global retailer of model kits and accessories
Number of Product lines:Over 20,000

Hannants are one of the worlds leading retailers of model kits and accessories. They have over 20,000 product lines, which means there are constantly new products being added to the product inventory, and products being discontinued. Through the collection of email addresses on their homepage, Hannants are able to compile a list of site users that wish to receive the Hannants newsletter, which informs users of new products added to the site along with any special offers currently available.

Hannants have found that this contact with the user leads to a peak in site visitors and conversions in response to the newsletter. In addition to this Hannants are able to categorise subscribers into convertors and non-convertors, allowing them to target each group with specific mailing.