Online Bulk Mail Manager Online Bulk Mail Manager

Use Any Web Browser

MailMonster is a web based application. All you need is a regular web browser such as IE 6, Mozilla or Safari for your Apple Mac, Windows or UNIX machine to use it.

Easy Set Up

A subscribe/unsubscribe form can be easily incorporated into your current website.

Reach Thousands of Subscribers

MailMonster can deliver and manage lists containing 10 to 50,000 email addresses.

No Email Client Required

MailMonster does not rely on your email client (Outlook Express, etc.) to deliver your emails.

Fast Delivery

Email messages are delivered quickly using powerful bulk mailer software.

User Friendly Interface

Easy to use web interface, no need for complex email commands.

Manage Subcribers with Ease

Emails addresses are stored in searchable database. Undeliverable email addresses are automatically moved into a 'Bounced' category.

HTML or Plain Text

You can choose to compose emails using HTML or Plain text

Preview Before Sending

Message can be previewed before being sent.

Message History

Your message history allows you to view and resend messages.

Viewing Figures

By opting to record receipt of message, you can confirm how many subscribers have read your message.

Import/Export Contacts

Import your subscribers addresses using a text file or export your subscriber list to use in other applications.